Responsive Sites

A recent focus has been upgrading sites to Joomla 5.  Many of our clients have already upgraded with stunning results - more security, better performance, more flexibility!  The process is fast, safe (in experienced hands) and yields a hipper, more attractive site with a bright future.


Mobile Apps

We started working on mobile apps in 2008 with some ports of hand-held Windows Mobile apps.  We found the Android platform to be great to develop on, especially with a wonderful product called Basic4Android.  If you have an app in mind, chances are we can do it.


VPS Hosting

All our sites our on our Canadian VPS.  There are some significant benefits.  Canadian sites have extremely quick response and performance.  Keep in mind that we provide the same complete end-to-end service that we have always provided...but your service calls and change requests go straight to the top!  And we update the platform and extensions monthly or better.  It's fast, it's complete, it's secure!